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STAEDTLER UK celebrates the 120th birthday of a classic in 2021

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STAEDTLER UK has launched its anniversary campaign to celebrate 120 years of the company’s iconic Noris brand. “The ONE Noris – 120 years of creativity” is a campaign that will honour the Noris brand and products including the market leading yellow and black striped Noris pencil which is widely used in schools across the UK and known across the world.


The campaign includes digital marketing activities to generate excitement online whilst also offering retailers a suite of online and in-store campaign assets to help them celebrate the Noris brand with their customers. The campaign elements, including social media copy and imagery, videos, web banners and more, have been made available via the STAEDTLER online ordering app and can be easily downloaded and used by customers.

In addition, STAEDTLER has introduced a limited edition Noris pencil set and POS display in the iconic pencil design. The new counter display is based on the look of the classic pencil and has space for 576 Noris pencils in different degrees of hardness. The banderole at the top of the stand-up display is easy to remove making it a reusable display. STAEDTLER is also offering retailers promotional POS materials including ceiling hangers, Noris birthday themed headers, and side panels for floor standing display units.


The Noris birthday set from STAEDTLER is a bonus pack that complements the classic pencil and includes a brand new Noris sharpener in a matching yellow and black design. Thanks to its handy format and practical ratchet function, the sharpener is also suitable for left-handers. It also stops automatically when the pencil has been fully sharpened.


Philip Wesolowski, Managing Director at STAEDTLER UK, says: "Anyone today who hears the word “pencil” and thinks of yellow and black stripes has our Noris brand in mind. We are extremely proud of our well-established reputation of providing high quality Noris pencils that are used by school children across the UK and look forward to celebrating Noris with our customers this year.”


In this birthday year, STAEDTLER is celebrating its extensive Noris school range, which, as well as graphite pencils, includes coloured pencils, fibre-tip pens, paints, crayons, compasses and accessories.

STAEDTLER’s best-selling brand’s name is based on centuries-old names for its hometown of Nuremberg. The Noris brand was signed up for registration on 1st April 1901 and then was officially registered later that year on 10th September 1901. Today, the Noris graphite pencil is particularly famous worldwide. Since 1955, it has been characterised by the distinctive yellow and black stripes and the dipped cap at the end of the shaft with its unusual white crown.

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