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Stationery brands lead the way on social media

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Despite the leap into digital tools and online communication in 2020, paper and writing instruments are more popular than ever.


We teamed up with PR Agency, Moondust, one of Belgium’s leading marketing agencies, to take a closer look at how some of the industry’s top players are using social media to great effect....



Whilst Filofax’s Instagram is reminiscent of a premium fashion brand, the vibe is more home office on Pinterest. It’s really important that each social media platform has its own unique identity, and we love that Filofax recognises this.


Pinterest: Instagram:



TIP: Ensure you have a different strategy for each social media network. Instagram can demonstrate a more fashionable angle whilst Pinterest or Twitter can be more business focussed.




Clairefontaine makes great use of YouTube with categorised playlists showcasing products as well as painting and drawing tutorials.

We love the series on gift wrapping. It’s a great way to promote product ranges whilst also providing helpful information.


Timing is also key; promoting a similar series close to the holiday season would result in even higher engagement.


TIP: Always highlight users of your products including artists, writers, students and teachers. Tag their work and give them a shout out on your channels.


Stabilo encourages user engagement with the hashtag #MYSTABILO and much of the brand’s social content is user curated with the artists and their chosen Stabilo product individually tagged.



Stabilo also provides free wallpapers for followers which often have a positive theme. Interestingly, positive social media posts attract an average of 1.75x more positive responses from followers.

TIP: Challenge your audience to submit their work in return for being featured or perhaps to win products.


Leuchtturm1917 often uses hashtags relating to personal development rather than stationery. For instance, #goalsetting #selfcare #consciouslifestyle #change #digitaldetox and #writedonttalk.


#writedonttalk on Instagram


Meaningful content is key for Leuchtturm1917. The brand’s social media taps into its audiences search for wisdom and creative inspiration.


TIP: Ensure your content is stylish, relevant and impactful. Cut to the chase and write thought provoking social media captions.


Moondust is a leading social media and content marketing agency in Belgium. To speak to their expert team on how to market your brand you can get in touch here.


Clairefontaine, STABILO and Leuchtturm1917 will be exhibiting at the forthcoming London Stationery Show on 18-19 May 2021. For more information visit


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