Small Man wins 10-year license to run National Stationery Week PR

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Rachel Smallman
Rachel Smallman

Small Man Media have reached an agreement with Ocean Media Group to preserve and maintain the consumer campaign National Stationery Week – Writing Matters for 2020 and beyond.


The team at Small Man Media has been instrumental in raising the profile of the campaign since its inception in 2011, with its founder and owner Christopher Leonard-Morgan of LMC Media.


Following an increase in awareness and exposure, Small Man Media helped expand National Stationery Day into a whole week in 2012.


Since Ocean Media’s purchase of the London Stationery Show and National Stationery Week in 2017, Small Man Media has continued to promote the consumer campaign through a series of proactive initiatives and incentives. And now, Small Man Media has signed a 10-year ‘licence agreement’ with Ocean Media, to be custodians of the campaign until 2029.


Rachel Smallman, director and owner of Small Man Media, has been the main driving force behind the campaign’s success, and said: “I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to be taking a hands-on role in National Stationery Week and World Stationery Day.


“It is great news for us, but moreover it is great news for lovers of stationery. It is an exciting prospect to know that all our plans can be fulfilled and that we can build on this campaign and make it an even greater success.


“I have been working in the stationery industry for almost 20 years. There is no campaign like National Stationery Week. It has the ability to really reach retailers, consumers and the media with a unique message. It’s a really exciting initiative to be involved in.”


Zoe Jobson, portfolio director at Ocean Media said: “To have Rachel and her team continuing to work side by side with us on National Stationery Week is fantastic. It’s invaluable to have a team which knows the audience, understands the market place and wants to continually develop the concept to keep it interesting and fresh.


“We know Rachel and the Small Man team will continue to do this for National Stationery Week, so consumers and the stationery trade should brace themselves for some exciting times ahead!”


Rachel and the team will continue to work closely with the Ocean Media team to ensure all industry news and London Stationery Show news is communicated effectively.

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