Paperchase launches sustainable stationery collection

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Conscious Living 3D printed pen pot by Batch.Works
Conscious Living 3D printed pen pot by Batch.Works

Conscious Living is Paperchase’s first sustainable stationery and homeware collection and marks the beginning of the retailer’s urgent commitment to its eco strategy. Paperchase commented that the new collection is one of a variety of ways it is looking to pursue this strategy over the coming months.


It has collaborated with some of the nation’s most innovative makers and designers to create the Conscious Living stationery collection. The retailer is proudly announcing the eco-credentials of its notebooks and list pads made from discarded coffee cups, using papermaker James Cropper’s trademarked ‘CupCycling’ method. Each notebook upcycles eight used coffee cups, and each list pad uses three.


Former LaunchPad London winner Batch.Works has produced some super cool pen pots made from 3D printed sugar cane instead of plastic. Even the cork base of the pen pot and the clips’ display cases are biodegradable, and are made from 100% plant-based material harvested every nine years, instead of trees.


All the inks used for printing across the range are either soy or vegetable-based.


Single-use plastic bottles have been turned into a set of 5 retractable gel pens, and 75% of its Conscious Living set of 4 highlighters comes from recycled water bottles.


The refill pad in the Conscious Living collection is carbon neutral. How? All emissions generated from the manufacture and transportation of the recycled FSC paper have been offset by replanting trees in woodland areas. That’s 6.1 trees planted for every tonne of paper produced.


The leather used for the pencil cases, wallets and notebook covers in the Conscious Living collection is recycled, to avoid the huge amount of by-product waste generated by virgin leather production.


Apart from implementing its commendable eco strategy, the company has come under fresh scrutiny from the national press. The Telegraph reported on 16 January that Paperchase has called in advisors from KPMG to discuss a possible CVA, which would allow them to close stores following a drop in footfall and tough trading conditions over Christmas. Despite neither party commenting on this information, when their credit insurance was reduced in September (see our earlier story), they commented that there “was no cash issue. We have been around for 50 years and plan to be for another 50.”



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