Origami Wrap aims to reduce waste

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Ilovehandles, based in Portland, has designed a range of giftwrap which does more than just wrap gifts. It also has an afterlife as origami figures. Instead of tossing the paper straight into recycling, the recipient of the gift can turn it into something beautiful.


Each Origami Wrap sheet is printed with diagrams instructing the recipient how to create one of six designs: the crane, the dog, the iris, the frog, the balloon and the fish.


When unwrapped, the paper can be folded along the printed lines to create a whole new object.


Richard Moore, co-founder of Ilovehandles, told design website dezeen: “We spent a lot of time testing the patterns to make sure people could complete them without getting frustrated.


“The instructions are the design. There are no additional instructions, but we tested with people who knew nothing about the product to be sure they understood the concept and could make the origami without problems.”


The initial Origami Wrap comes in a pack of five sheets, printed on standard paper. The designers told dezeen that the next production run will be made with recycled paper to give the wrap even greater sustainability credentials.



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