Montblanc Sydney re-opens with new ink bar and digital corner

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Montblanc concept store
Montblanc concept store

Montblanc has announced the opening of its refurbished Sydney store in Australia, and features an ink bar and a digital corner to promote the brand’s growing range of tech products.


The ink bar will offer customers the chance to test all types of writing instrument, and to use - and smell - the brand’s unique range of scented inks, Elixir Parfumeur. The range’s orange brown ink smells of leather, the grey smells of wood and tobacco, while the green ink is perfumed with vetiver.


Ink bars are a key feature of Montblanc’s new concept store designs, created by designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. He has taken the luxury lifestyle brand back to its roots by putting ink centre stage in a handful of new global concept boutiques.


The digital corner allows customers to test Montblanc’s smartwatches and augmented notebook, which converts handwritten notes into digital text.


The Sydney refurb follows the debut concept store in Taipei, and the brand’s flagship store in Tokyo, Japan.


The new concept features three main design themes linked to the brand’s roots. Cursive handwriting marks the starting point for the overall design, which evokes calligraphy and celebrates the culture of writing.


The famous Montblanc emblem, inspired by the snowcapped peak of Mont Blanc, is paired with ink shades to represent the life and soul of the brand.


The third design element is a passion for craftsmanship, demonstrated in the structured architecture and dark wood composition. It represents the skills of the craftsmen across all areas of Montblanc’s production: timepieces, writing instruments, jewellery and leather goods.


Matthieu Dupont, president of Montblanc Southeast Asia, commented: “The excitement of setting foot into a physical store, receiving personalised VIP services and leaving immediately with your purchases is a large part of the luxury experience.


“We’re committed to giving our clients the best possible products and services.”

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