Makers Cabinet crowdfunds 180k for new product

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Makers Cabinet first caught the industry’s eye with its unique pencil sharpening product, the Høvel, for which it won a free stand in the Stationery Show’s LaunchPad competition. The startup company also won a prestigious Stationery Award at this year’s Stationery Show for the Høvel.


On the back of this success and as part of the company’s strategy to expand its product offer, Makers Cabinet launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to take its second product, the Iris, from prototype and into production. For more information visit


The Iris, which Makers Cabinet describes as ‘an artistic tool that inspires creativity’ has smashed its crowdfunding target of £25,000 in less than 72 hours, and has since gained 1,702 backers, fundraising £184,618 to take Iris to market.


The team says its second project was inspired by the feedback from the first successful crowdfunding campaign, which saw them bringing the Høvel pencil sharpener into production.


Their reason for embarking on developing the Iris tool came from feedback from their supporters, who told them they were disenchanted with the choice of current artistic tools on the market, which they said lacked innovation and were generally manufactured cheaply, unergonomically, and with a design philosophy that seemed to promote short-term usage and a lack of sustainability.


Iris, the first of its kind, mimics the base use of a compass and the aperture mechanism of a

camera lens, it’s stainless-steel leaves rotate inside of a solid brass casing, creating the

perfect adjustable circle - a mechanism that has endured for 200 years. Iris replaces the need for a rotary drawing compass.


Director Noah Bier comments “People love the intricacy and beautiful aesthetic of Iris. I also

think they value and understand our intention to create a tool that’s designed with as much

love as they put into their profession.”


As the campaign was so successful, Makers Cabinet has set up an Indiegogo Indemand campaign in order to accept further pre-orders.

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