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LEUCHTTURM1917 launches the Drehgriffel

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LEUCHTTURM1917 is expanding its product portfolio with a new design classic and is reviving the Drehgriffel pen, first introduced in the 1920s.


Its hexagonal shaft, a narrowly tapered tip in a contrasting colour and a functional rotating knob are the distinguishing features of the Drehgriffel pen. Made of aluminium and brass, the pen features a spring-loaded rotating mechanism. Thanks to the ingenious centre of gravity and soft refill, the Drehgriffel sits perfectly in your hand.


The design of the word mark Drehgriffel is derived from Sütterlin script, a handwriting script taught in German schools in the 1920s. The deliberate contrast of this old German script of the word mark is an exuberant break with modern design. Drehgriffel – a word composed of “Dreh”, meaning twist or turn, derived from the innovative twist mechanism, and the German term for stylus, in reference to the oldest writing instrument in the world (from the Greek grapheion), reflecting LEUCHTTURM1917’s traditional German roots.


Drehgriffel No. 1 is a ballpoint pen and is available in nine colours, all of which stem from the LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook range. The pen retails at £18.50 and the royal blue ink chamber is also available as a replacement refill in royal blue and black.


The Drehgriffel has also won the Red Dot Design Award in 2020. The Red Dot jury awards prizes to products characterised by their outstanding design quality and high potential for innovation. Award winners set trends in the design industry. This is the second time in a row LEUCHTTURM1917 has won the coveted award, following the successful Bauhaus series in 2019.


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