Hazel 4D fights plastic pollution with all-paper padded envelopes

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Hazel 4D Surf mailing envelopes
Hazel 4D Surf mailing envelopes

Leeds-based packaging solutions company Hazel 4D launches its Surf all-paper mailing envelopes as an environmentally friendlier alternative to bubble-lined mailers.


The move towards an all paper solution was partly driven by the concerns of e-commerce customers who increasingly expect businesses to reduce their plastic waste.


Instead of the standard polythene bubble-lined envelope, the new Surf range features cushioning made from corrugated paper, which gives rigidity and strength to protect the envelope’s contents from being damaged in transit.


Neil Christie, commercial director at Hazel 4D, said: "We tested our Surf mailing envelopes at a world-renowned facility and the results showed they offer the same level of protection for products as bubble-lined mailers.


“This means businesses can switch to a more sustainable mailing option whilst ensuring their products arrive safely with their customers in one piece.”


The mailers have the additional advantage over bubble-lined envelopes of being 100% recyclable. Customers can take control by recycling them in their household recycling bins without the need to separate into different components, a significant step in combatting the number of bubble-lined mailers going into landfill.


If you’re interested in sustainability, look out for the feature by Henri Davis in the upcoming AW18 issue of Stationery Matters on how the stationery industry is fighting plastic pollution, to be published in September.



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