Choosing Keeping to hold Platinum event

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Photo credit: Platinum
Photo credit: Platinum

It’s every fountain pen geek’s dream. On 6 February 2020 the Platinum team is coming all the way from Japan to Choosing Keeping in Covent Garden, London to hand deliver and showcase ten rare pens from the company archive which have never before left Japan, along with a brand new hi-tech ‘secret’ fountain pen range.


The team will also display a wide range of Platinum’s most exclusive pens, many of which are rarely seen outside of Japan. These pens are made from precious materials like urushi lacquer, exotic woods and celluloid, and are made in limited quantities by only a handful of in-house artisans.


The Platinum team will also reveal its 100-year-anniversary fountain pen, ‘The Prime’, made from solid platinum. Platinum has made only 100 of these pens, which retail at £10,000.


Event attendees who purchase a Platinum Fine Writing pen will receive a free goodie bag, and every visitor will receive a postcard from a series specially published by Choosing Keeping. The postcards shed light on different aspects of the Platinum story and will be illustrated with previously unseen images from the company library.


Platinum’s story started with Shunichi Nakata who, inspired by early fountain pens produced in the West such as those by Waterman, set out to recreate his own Japanese domestic version. He established Nakaya Seisakusho (later to become Platinum Pen) in Ueno, Tokyo. The company went on to break new ground in design and technological achievements throughout the twentieth century, and retains its reputation for creating fine writing implements employing innovative and traditional craftsmanship.


Choosing Keeping is also introducing a crowdsourced element to the event, by asking owners of collectable (pre-2000) Platinum pens to loan their Platinum to showcase at the event. Anyone who loans their vintage pen will receive a free goodie bag.


The high-end Covent Garden stationer has exclusivity for the new Platinum range for one month after the launch, helping to cement its reputation as a specialist retailer of Japanese fine writing instruments.


Event date: 6 February 2020, 6-8pm. For more details on the launch visit their website.

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