BIC launches tattoo pen range

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Global pen company BIC says the new BodyMark by BIC collection will revolutionise the self-expression market.


The cosmetic-grade markers come in a range of eight shades: black, brown, red, pink, purple, blue, light blue and green. They contain low-odour ink that will last for several days. The markers feature a fine flexible tip that adjusts to pressure, allowing the user to draw thin lines or colour in larger areas.


According to a Harris research study, a third of people regret opting for a permanent tattoo, which inspired BIC to innovate a new, temporary form of self-expression. The company has partnered with international tattoo artist Miryam Lumpini to be their BodyMark by BIC partner, acting as the company’s global creative director.


“Working with BIC on this product has been so uplifting for me because I believe these markers will enable everyone to express themselves in so many different ways,” Lumpini said.


“There is something beautiful about people bonding over creating temporary tattoos and taking inspiration from whatever might strike them that day.”


“Alongside Miryam, we’re starting to build a lifestyle brand, not just a stationery brand,” said Janel Lewis, director of stationery marketing at BIC USA.


“BodyMark by BIC is the first time we’ve developed a marker not designed for paper. The fact that it’s specifically for skin – and was developed in conjunction with a tattoo artist who serves as our global creative director for this product – makes this a truly unconventional approach and revolutionary product for BIC.”


The BodyMark website encourages customer engagement by calling on people to send in photos of their body tattoos.

Bodymark tattoo. Photo credit: Elite Daily
Bodymark tattoo. Photo credit: Elite Daily
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