Funkypigeon.com ‘believes in happy’ for Mental Health Awareness Week

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Funkypigeon.com 'Believe' range
Funkypigeon.com 'Believe' range

Funkypigeon.com aims to de-stigmatise mental health issues with the launch of its new card and gift ranges for Mental Health Awareness Week, which started on Monday 14th May.


With growing public awareness of mental health, the online personalised card retailer Funkypigeon.com wanted to ask the fundamental question of whether people perceive a mental health problem to be of equal importance as a physical health problem. And would someone feel confident about buying and sending a card to someone with a mental health problem in the way they would to someone laid up in hospital with a broken leg?


This important subject was raised internally at Funkypigeon.com by Amy Steele, who suffered with postnatal depression following the birth of her first daughter. Amy’s doctor, who visited her at home, saw a single ‘get well’ card, sent from Amy’s grandmother. The doctor was touched by the gesture and wished more people would send cards of well wishes to someone when they experience a mental health problem.


A card is a simple yet highly effective way for a person to know that others are thinking of them and that they are not alone in their recovery.


Following her return to work at Funkypigeon.com, Amy set out to raise awareness through the creation of two card ranges, appropriately named ‘Believe’ and ‘Happy’, for friends and family to send to loved ones experiencing a difficult time with their mental health.


Amy undertook extensive research on the psychological impact of colours on the body, carefully selecting the colours to feature in each of the recently launched card collections. The ‘Believe’ range also contains a very symbolic message in its logo with a semi colon present, to represent Project Semicolon, a movement dedicated to the prevention of suicide.


Alongside the card ranges, a new gifting range offers customers a variety of products, including the newly launched ‘Happy Bag’, which is filled with a selection of feelgood items, including a copy of Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy’ book, a box of Pukka soothing Night Time Tea, some ChoconChoc chocolates, exclusively designed for Funky Pigeon and the #believeinhappy campaign, and a blank notebook to list any thoughts or plans; parcelled together in a ‘Happy’ tote bag.

The two ranges complement each other’s message and unite to form the ‘Believe in Happy’ campaign, exclusive to Funkypigeon.com. Both ranges can also be personalised for the recipient, and for every product purchased from the ‘Believe in Happy’ ranges, 30% of the sale will be donated to mental health charity, Mind.


Amy Steele commented: “Having experienced a mental health illness myself, I understand first-hand the significance of a card and how much it means to receive well wishes.


“The majority of card ranges that are currently available are limited and do not necessarily voice the right message relating to mental health. The wording ‘get well soon’ indicates a physical illness and a specific time frame to get better, however it’s important to remember that recovery from a mental health condition is a journey.


Just one card received can lift your spirits and reassure you that you’re not alone. I truly hope these new ranges will be appreciated and enjoyed by many.”



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