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Fisher Space Pen achieves new heights with Virgin Galactic

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Fisher Space Pen achieves new heights with Virgin Galactic


Fisher Space Pens would like to congratulate VirginGalactic, Richard Branson and the Unity 22 crew on a successful spaceflight. We are honoured that they used our commemorative Virgin Galactic Space Pens to sign the flight log! Everyone who attended this monumental event took home their own Fisher Bullet Space Pen emblazoned with Virgin Galactic’s DNA of Flight Logo! We feel blessed and honoured to have been part of this day and keeping Fisher Space Pen linked in history to ground-breaking events and to help launch the new space age!


Fisher Space Pen, The company behind the pressurized writing instruments used by astronauts to take notes on the moon and check off checklists in orbit, is about to cross into another frontier: commercial spaceflight.


Fisher, which more than 50 years ago developed an ink cartridge that was capable of working without the need for gravity, has signed a deal with Virgin Galactic on the eve of the first fully-crewed flight of the SpaceShipTwo rocket plane. Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic’s billionaire founder, and his five “Unity 22” crewmates used the specially-adorned versions of Fisher’s Infinium space pen to sign their test flight log after launching to the edge of space on Sunday (July 11).


"They were seeking a pen appropriate for this particular event and obviously our name ’Space Pen’ really fits well," Joshua Skidmore, Fisher Space Pen’s director of sales and marketing, said in an interview with collectSPACE. "The six pens they are going to have for their crew to use will be space pens with the Virgin Galactic evolution of flight logo on them."


The black titanium nitride and chrome pens will be Infinium models, designed to write three times longer than an ordinary ballpoint pen. "In fact," Fisher states on its website, "the Infinium Space Pen will write so long that the average user won’t run out of ink in their lifetime." (The Virgin Galactic edition pens are not for sale.)


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Photo Credit: Virgin Galactic

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