Stationery addicts fess up for Papier

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Personalised online stationer Papier reveals the stationery crushes of celebrity paper lovers, including writer Dolly Alderton.


Journalist, podcaster and bestselling non-fiction writer Dolly Alderton told The Fold, Papier’s blog, that her lifetime love of stationery began with an addiction to diaries. Since then she’s kept a paper trail of her life, through postcards from friends and birthday cards from family to thank you notes from dinner guests and love letters that never made it to the postbox.


“I love the tangible experience of receiving a notecard,” Dolly says, “and I love the relics of life and relationships that it allows you to collect.”


Dolly is widely known for her confessional memoir of her twenties, the bestselling Everything I know about love. The genesis of her book all comes back to stationery: “I went on holiday to New York when I was 24 and I bought a five dollar French exercise book from a stationery shop in Greenwich Village. I walked to Fifth Avenue, sat in a coffee shop opposite The Plaza in the sunshine and spent an afternoon filling up the whole thing with notes and chapter ideas for a non-fiction book about my 20s.


“Four years later I sold my memoir to Penguin and while I was writing it I often went back to the notebook for original thoughts. It’s really important to me, and I often take it out of my drawer and flip through it, because it reminds me that every big project, every big, life-changing, creative dream, begins with scribbles and ideas in a notebook.”


What stationery do you own?

Hundreds of notebooks – used, half-used, empty. Hardback, softback. Lined and plain. A bunch of black ink pens. Papier personalised notecards which I treat myself to in batch orders and totally adore.


What item of stationery could you not live without?

Notebooks. I walk round with one in my handbag at all times. They’re where I write all my ideas for columns, scripts and stories.


What’s your earliest stationery memory?

I had one of those square mid-90s pencil cases from The Disney Store that had lots of different compartments and were as elaborate as a jewellery box.


Do you like to give new stationery the scent test?

Of course! Books, pencils, pears – these are all things that need to be smelt before purchase.


To read the full interview with Dolly Alderton and other celebrity stationery addict, visit Papier’s blog, The Fold.

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